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Low Profile IEEE802.3 af PoE Module - Samples available

Even we thought it couldn’t be done, but we were wrong! Coming soon from Silvertel, a module that is even lower profile than the Ag9800. With a height of under 8mm, and the same tiny footprint as the Ag9900, the new module is targeted at the next generation of IOT applications and products, requiring low power POE in as small a package as possible.

Full Featured IEEE 802.3at 12W Low Profile Power over Ethernet (PoE)  PD module Ag9900-LP Shortform

Ag6800 (PSE) and Ag5800 (PD) modules
High power 4 pair POE compliant to IEEE802.3bt - Now Released

Many Silvertel customers are aware that the IEEE has been in drafting a new Power over Ethernet standard, 802.3bt for some time. This is a new higher power standard for delivering a maximum power of anywhere between 71W and 100W at the PD (depending on losses and cable lengths), over the full 4 pairs of wires in a CAT5E cable to improve efficiency and minimise losses at the higher power levels. This standard is now at Draft 3.2, to which release level Silvertel are preparing a new set of modules, the Ag6800 and Ag5800. Ag6800 will be a fully (draft) standards compliant 95W maximum output PSE module and will be released first, followed shortly after by the Ag5800 PD module delivering up to 100W of usable power to the end device. Both modules will be cost and footprint size optimised to provide state of the art solutions at market leading prices for our customers for the next generation of POE applications.

Full Featured IEEE 802.3at 12W Power over Ethernet (PoE)  PD module Ag5800 Shortform

Full Featured IEEE 802.3at 12W Power over Ethernet (PoE)  PD module Ag6800 Shortform

Ag7200 - 20W SIL DC-DC Boost Converter
5V to 15V DC input; 36V to 57V DC output - Now Released

Following on from the success of the Ag7100 DC-DC boost converter module, Silvertel are releasing a new SIL footprint low cost DC-DC module. Providing a low cost single channel SIL footprint solution for 802.3af PSE applications, e.g. with Ag6100, Ag7200 will provide peak power up to 20W at 48V including 1500V of isolation to meet the IEEE requirements. With an input voltage range from 5V to 15V, this further extends the applications possible with this powerful small footprint module. Contact Silvertel Sales for further details or engineering samples.

Full Featured IEEE 802.3at 12W Power over Ethernet (PoE)  PD module Ag7200 Shortform

Ag201 - Low Voltage DC Input Programmable LED Driver Module - Now Released

An exciting new development from Silvertel for LED lighting. Ag201 is a low voltage DC input (12 to 57V) buck-boost LED driver module, with a selection of user programmable constant current outputs. Its' buck-boost topology sets it apart from other drivers, with a huge range from 2V up to 34V output. With a maximum output power of 24W, and 350mA, 500mA, 700mA or 1A output currents, all programmable via a simple external resistor added to an extremely small, form factor, Ag201 can be easily integrated into the next generation of low voltage LED lighting fixtures. See flyer for initial details and the outline specification (subject to change). For more details please contact Silvertels Sales.

Full Featured IEEE 802.3at 12W Power over Ethernet (PoE)  PD module Ag201 Shortform   Full Featured IEEE 802.3at 12W Power over Ethernet (PoE)  PD module Ag201 Datasheet