Battery Chargers

Silvertels' intelligent and eco-friendly battery charge controller modules maximise rechargeable battery life, while cutting maintenance costs and slashing power consumption. They are extremely useful for reducing overall system maintenance and battery replacement life cycle costs. The modules offer a wide DC input voltage range and a high efficiency DC to DC converter. Charging voltage is controlled to a high accuracy, independent of temperature variations. Optimised and programmable charging profiles are used to ensure battery longevity. Our modules are designed for use with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries and for charging SLA solar batteries using a Solar Panel power source.
The Ag103 charging cycle is closely controlled and optimised, given the random variations possible from solar panel power sources. The Ag103 also reports on the battery condition to eliminate unnecessary battery charges and unexpected battery failures.

Battery Charger Modules



The Ag102 is Silvertel's first intelligent battery charger module specifically designed to maximise battery life and reduce power consumption using optimised charging techniques and a high efficiency DC-DC converter. Perfect for reducing call-out, maintenance and battery replacement costs, this eco-friendly module can be used with 12V sealed lead acid batteries between 1.2Ah and 7Ah capacity. More info on Ag102..



The Ag103 is Silvertel's first battery charger module intended specifically for use with a wide range of Solar Panels. Maximum Power Point Tracking and intelligent charging profiles optimise battery charge times and lifetime thereby reducing call-out, maintenance and battery replacement costs. More info on Ag103...