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Many companies are now active in designing both low voltage DC and POE based lighting systems. POE is a good and easily accessible Low Voltage DC 48V power source with readily available POE switches and standard cabling. Silvertel offer two specific modules for these new lighting applications, Ag5500-FE to provide a POE front end and Ag201 to produce a constant current output to drive a range of LEDs. Ag201 can also be used alone in simple low voltage (non-POE) DC distributions systems as a single stage LED driver. More details on the modules and their application can be found below:

Low Voltage DC & POE LED Driver Modules

Ag201Ag201 skyclouds

Silvertel have developed a versatile and innovative LED driver module, for low voltage DC power distribution lighting systems. With both in-built DALI control, or 0-10V analogue dimming, system design is made easy. Specified for maximum flexibility, it has a wide ranging input from 12V to 57V, with 24W maximum output power and clever buck-boost toplogy, it will provide a constant current output for LED strings of anywhere from 2V to 34V. Added to this the module provides even greater adaptability, with the facility to choose from a range of output currents from 350mA up to 1A. The small footprint and low cost of this module, added to ease of system design, with minimal additional components, and no output electrolytic capacitor required, mean it is perfect for any long life, high reliability, modern low voltage DC lighting power distribution system. See Documentation for the product datasheet for this module. Contact Silvertel or your local distributor now for samples.


Silvertel offers a simple, cost effective, solution for POE based lighting applications by combining the Ag201 with a POE front end module Ag5500-FE. The Ag5500-FE is a very small SIL module that provides the necessary signatures and classification back to a POE switch to provide POE power into a remote PD device. This can then be used to provide power for lighting systems, or connected directly into an Ag201 to produce a constant current output and an easy to design fully featured POE based lighting product. The Ag5500-FE can also be used in simple POE repeater/extender applications. See the product page for further details.